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Family celebrations in Prague

Prague is a city in which its easy to believe in fairy tales. Easier again to become a child. Here reigns the cosiness and unique atmosphere of ancient streets. If you are tired of vanity and constant cares, Prague is the best place for rest. Here any house celebration becomes fantastic. Do you want a huge pie or the famous Czech beer? A feast at a restaurant or a holiday in nature? May be romance or adventures are necessary to you? After a feast at a restaurant in medieval style, you can go on an excursion in the city. And what it will be excursion, you can choose for yourself. You can admire architecture of the city or can plunge into atmosphere of the city's ancient legends. You can simply walk and can visit places where are ghosts of legends from long ago . If you have arrived with children, you don't afraid that they will be bored. First-class nurses and children's guides are avaliable in our hotel. Children can feel like travellers and pioneers for themselves. For small visitors we can create a separate holiday. Kids can rest at an aquapark, visit the zoo, or sample Czech sweets. For example, if your child loves special parties, you can give them a a medieval knights style birthday. However, possibilities available are numerous, don't t afraid to dream and we will try to realise your imaginations.

The menu in the hotel is made taking into account recommendations of dieticians and experts in a health food. But you can change the menu according your tastes and preferences even before arrival in hotel. We are ready to give a full board or a half board including only breakfasts. On your table always there will be tasty dishes and only natural products.

Prague is a surprising city. Many parents new to Prague for the first time ask the question: "What we are doing there with our children"? And coming back say: "Prague was pleasant for us and the children - Prague is better than Paris!”
In our hotel is possible to celebrate a childs birthday or simply spend a long-awaited holidays with the family.

Our excursion program considers the interests not only of adults , but also for the small travellers. It is not tiresome. It is interesting, and in it are combined both an active and educational rest. We have skilled and trained nurses and guides. They just don´t "sit" with your child. We have special children's programs that constantly be organised. Your child will visit everything that is interesting to them:
- Zoo
- Aquapark
- Botanical garden
- Museum of toys
- Aquarium Morsky svet
- Krgigikivy fountains (singing fountains)
- National museum of technics
- Petrshinsky viewing tower
- Petrshinsky labyrinth
- Shtifanikova observatory on Petrshine
Your children rest will be useful, fascinating and thus not tiresome. Your child will be always in the centre fascinating events and you will have more free time.

All rooms in our hotel, as well as all Light Hotels, were designed in the Provence style under the supervision of the well known artist-designer of Alena Saltanovoj. In each room is unique and offers a original and harmonious interior. Here everywhere old time luxury and charm come together.

Our mini hotel is constructed with a unique design from enviromentally friendly materials. It is a wooden buliding constructed from natural logs brought of Sweden.

We will organize any individual excursion not only across Prague, but also to other cities in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. We will order for you theatre or sporting event tickets and we can provide restaurant or hotel room reservations in other cities and the countries if requested.

Our hotel is ideally located if the excellent shopping is necessary for you. Judge for yourself. Press 5 minutes driving on the car you can see the commercial zone Zlichin . It is a trading city with large shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets: Tesco and Globus, Baumarkt, IKEA, GIGASPORT, La Halle Bata and others. The food, industrial, economic, sports goods. All from textiles to furniture.
Only 5 minutes and you will appear in the largest shopping centre Metropole Zlicin, uniting under the roof set of boutiques, cafe, restaurants and cinemas.
Shopping centre "Galerie Nove Butovice" is absolutely nearby. There are a wide choice not only the goods, but also entertainments.

People of different generations with different interests are always gather for family celebrations. Sometimes it´s difficult to combine these interests. Undoubtedly, Prague will be interesting and for adults and for children.