Minihotel in Prague

Our hotel for those who care about health

The modern rhythm of our life can affects your state of health and it isn't always for the best.. People say, that health is more important than any money. In the race for success, we sometimes forget about it. One week in the open air, the eutrophy, the wooden house can make for your health much more than expensive vitamins and energizers. How does your usual morning begin? The alarm clock sounds, noise of cars outside the window, standing in lines of morning stoppers, and the stuffy walls of your office. Leave this habitual every day way behind!. Let singing of birds wake you. A slow breakfast in a garden will give strength. Medical procedures shall waken up your organism.

In our hotel we offer six types of rooms ideally arranged with comfortable furniture and for quiet rest.
- Five double rooms for guests on the second floor, the beds in the rooms can form one double bed or be moved apart on two separate beds.
- One room - luxury apartment on the ground floor with separate entry, consisting of two rooms. The apartments are ideally suited for a maximum on four people. There is a kitchen with all necessary kitchen equipment. The bathroom is also suited for people with disabilities.

In each room there is a refrigerator, a full set of home appliances, including a hair dryer, an iron, and plasma TV. There are three-hundred satellite channels available on the TV, including Russian and other languages .All rooms are located in one two-story wooden house.

The hotel is surrounded by a small garden. There is a arbor with equipment for a barbecue, children's playground. And it's all for you.

High-speed WI-FI Internet connection is available in each room, as well as in all areas of the hotel, including the garden, You can browse your favorite sites, check e-mail, and use the IP-telephony, Skype. to communicate with the friends, colleagues and relatives. If you have left your laptop at home, feel free to use our computers located on the second floor.

All rooms in our hotel, as well as all Light Hotels, were designed in the Provence style under the supervision of the well known artist-designer Alena Saltanova. Each room is unique and offers a original and harmonious interior. Here everywhere old time luxury and charm come together.

The menu in the hotel is made taking into account recommendations of dieticians and experts in a health food. But you can change the menu according to your tastes and preferences even before arrival in hotel. We are ready to give a full board or a half board including only breakfasts. On your table always there will be tasty dishes and only natural products.

At your service are massage armchairs in a hall, massage nozzles in the showers,oxygen therapy and oxygen cocktails.

Our mini hotel is constructed with a unique design from environmentally friendly materials. It is a wooden building constructed from natural logs brought of Sweden.

We will organize any individual excursion not only across Prague, but also to other cities in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. We will order for you theater or sporting event tickets and we can provide restaurant or hotel room reservations in other cities and the countries if requested.

Oxygen therapy, massage armchairs, walks on the open air. There are all for you. Have a rest with pleasure and advantage.