Minihotel in Prague

Family rest with children in our hotel

Travel is the fastest way of development for the child. New people, conditions, cities, impressions. Then the less child, that more difficult with the child during a trip. Firstly, it's necessary to take care of child's correct and healthy food. It's very important not only natural products, but also the special menu. Secondly, all of us aspire, that our children breathed fresh air. Thirdly, it should be interesting to any child in a trip. Otherwise child will spoil mood the whims, or your travel and all your diligence with it will connect pass for nothing. Fourthly, you should be assured of safety of your favourite fumes. And in fifthly, then the faster and easier to reach from a place of your stop to the main sights and, in particular, to the city centre, that your child and you shouldn't tired All these conditions of comfortable rest with your children, you will find in our hotel.

- Only 15 minutes on the car from the international airport.
- 20 minutes on the car and social transport to the centre of Prague.
- Departure on a motorway ring occupies only 10 minutes.
- Aquapark, 15 minutes on the car.

The convenient arrangement of our hotel will allow to easy reach to the cores entertaining and shopping centres. 20 minutes and you already in the historical centre : you will see the most known sights, museums and expositions. 15 minutes and you will enjoy water attractions. We can meet you in the airport and in 10-15 minutes you will have a rest in hotel.

Prague is a surprising city. Many parents, gathering to Prague in the first time ask a question: "What shall we do with children there"? And when they come back told: "Prague was pleasant us more than Paris"

In our hotel is possible to celebrate birthday of the child and simply to spend a long-awaited holidays. We shall arrange the present fireworks of bright impressions and emotions for your children!

Our excursion program consider of interests not only adult people, but also for a small travellers. It is not tiresome. It is interesting, and in it there are combined active and informative rest.

We have nurses and guides with pedagogical and a medical education. They are not only "sit" with your child. That the kid had no time to miss, special children's programs will constantly be organised. Your child will visit everything that is interesting to it:
- Zoo
- Aquapark
- Botanical garden
- Museum of toys
- Aquarium Morsky svet
- Krgigikivy fountains (singing fountains)
- National museum of technics
- Petrshinsky viewing tower
- Petrshinsky labyrinth
- Shtifanikova observatory on Petrshine

Child's rest will be useful, fascinating and thus isn't tiresome. Your child will be always in the centre of fascinating and fascinating events and you will have more free time.

Our mini hotel is constructed under the individual project from non-polluting materials. It is the wooden house combined from natural logs, brought of Sweden.

The hotel is located in the non-polluting elite area of Prague. Nearby there is a park with the lakes. Water and air here are so transparent and pure that the park became a favourite habitat of swans. This place is good and for morning jogs, both for fishing, and for walks. You will find here, in a reserved zone "Prokopsky Udole", surprising foot routes. But you aren't waits only magnificence of the park and cleanliness of the nature. Absolutely nearby there are a fitness centre, solarium, tennis courts, an aquaparkin at 15 minutes of driving.

The menu in hotel is made taking into account recommendations of dieticians and experts in a healthy food. But you can change the menu according your tastes and preferences even before arrival in hotel. We are ready to give a full board or a half board including only breakfasts. On your table always there will be tasty dishes and only natural products.

Important sense it is safety of each hotel. The hotel is equipped by the systems of internal and external video of supervision. The manager round the clock watches behind order as in the hotel and around it You will find the safe in each room for storage of valuable things. If you want we will provide VIP-persons with professional Czech body-guards.

We will organise any individual excursion there isn't only across Prague, but also in other cities of Czech, Austria and Germany. We can order for you theatre tickets, on a sports action. We will reserve a place in a restaurant or room in the hotel of other city and the country.

If you want to rest from children's noise and restlessness, to walk, devote time to yourself and to your native man, you can always take advantage of our professional nurses and teachers. They are always spend a children's holiday and interesting excursion without any efforts. Your kid remains happy and you can rationally use your free days.